what are the benefits of metal and iron casting

sand casting processes is a versatile process as any metal can be melted and transformed into a new shape by pouring the hot liquid metal into a casting and cooling it down so that it solidifies and is formed into a product. When you have such a process and the conditions at hand in which you can make use of the raw materials, you can make nearly anything from the product.

Benefits of the process and the use of metal and metal castings in it:

This process has several benefits and they are as follows:

· This process like we said before is suitable for making a majority of items. It is free from the restrictions of following specific measurements and strict conditions.

· Metals are widely available in the market. You can get hold of steel, iron, aluminum. Copper or any other metal easily by searching for it in the market. The price of these metals is also reasonable.

· The cost of the metals and alloys used in the process of metal casting is quite low. It is less than 50 % of the cost of the total machinery used in the process. Comparing it to other machinery such as a graco husky 716 or ingersoll rand pumps it appears as quite a cheap and affordable product.

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